Week one run down

Well I’ve completed my first week of my fitness journey. I have miraculously managed to keep mostly to plan. Like a silly person I forgot to measure and weigh myself at the start of this process, however I did take a starting photo. Hopefully as time goes on I might feel comfortable sharing this but at the moment I am slightly embarrassed to do so. That being said however, I have a slight inclination as to my starting weight and I’m sure its heading in the right direction. I’m hoping to find out my fat percentage this week so that I can start closely monitor my progress in terms of my body fat.

I am half following the Joe Wicks plan. I am completing four-five HITT a week as he recommends. This week I did four HITT sessions, my cheerleading training and a walk around a local park. Its nothing spectacular but I am very proud of myself. The scale is looking positive but I’m trying not to focus on that and more on how my clothes fit, how I feel and how my body is reacting. I am able to complete the Joe Wicks absolute beginner workouts and I am going to move onto his normal beginner ones which will hopefully challenge me further.

In regards to food I have been eating two reduced carb meals and after a workout one carb rich meal. If I haven’t worked out I have three reduced carb meals that day. I have managed to stick to this apart from on Wednesday when we went for a meal for my friend’s birthday. I don’t often see this friend as she lives in Inverness but she came down for a visit. I indulged a little and had a garlic mushroom starter and half a cannelloni. I thoughly enjoyed it and tried very hard not to punish myself.

This week I have Tuesday and Saturday planned as my rest and reduced carb days however I have plans to meet my friend and god son for food and we may take the little one swimming. I am going to need to scout out the menu prior to going and hopefully find something delicious and healthy for me…..


Good luck everyone with their upcoming week. Enjoy it as life is too short not too!


Fitness Goals

Hey guys, it’s been a few day since i’ve posted on here- its been a bit mad. Lots of work to do as well as a friend’s birthday. Its been hard to stick to the plan but I feel like i’ve made the best of the situation.

Anyway, I thought it was time to think about some fitness goals rather than weight loss. I feel like it can be quite detrimental to just think about the loss of weight as that is only one benefit of fitness (however I do want to lose some weight and tone up for my impending wedding as well as my Mam’s wedding where I am a bridesmaid). Having goals along your fitness journey should help keep you motivated and perhaps will help you lose weight, tone up and more importantly make you proud of yourself as you will have worked towards something and met it.

Fitness Goals/ Milestones 2018

-At the end of the month it is my Cheerleading national competition and I would like to be a bit fitter to improve my overall performance allowing me to show more energy while competing on the mat. As well as this, in May we have the final competition of the season and I hope that my fitness has improved throughout the season. (Obviously I would also like my uniform to fit better).

-At the end of April I am going to the Lake district with my fiance’s family. They are all HUGE walkers and it most certainly is not my forte! Don’t get me wrong, give me a long and flat walk and I can keep going for hours but give me one with a slight incline and I am like an impetulant toddler. The last time we went on a walk with them (having been promised it was a nice easy walk) I basically embarrassed myself being right at the back, needing to stop and wanting to kill everyone. This time I want to be fit enough to be able to survive the walk. YES it will still be hard but may be I will be swearing less internally and at least keep up with the group?!

-My maid of honour is also an adventurous type and she has this crazy idea that we should spend our summer holiday (we are both teachers) climbing the peaks in the UK but on completely different days. Now I did climb Snowdon two summer’s ago and my fiance nearly did not survive as I nearly took his head off! Now in my defense, we arrived at a little house and he told me that we were ten minutes away from the top. He later informed me, two hours later of climbing I might add, that the house was actually the half way house, signalling that we were only half way up the top. With this in mind, I need to do some serious training to survive climbing all three of the tallest mountains in the UK.

These are the main goals in the next few up coming months and I will keep pushing and training until hopefully I can say I have conquered them. The journey may not be easy and a flat walk (ignore the pun) and instead I expect it to be a long, jumpy and rocky uphill battle but it’ll make the end all the more amazing and worthwhile.

Share your fitness goals underneath…. I want more goals to magpie.

Four training sessions until Nationals and day two of my fitness journey.

Well guys today is day two of my fitness and weight loss journey. This is usually the day that I quit but today is different, in fact I think i’ve smashed it. You’ve all probably heard the old saying of “Never skip Mondays”, well this surprisingly is never an issue with me due to it being my cheer training day. I am a competitive cheerleader- I know what you’re thinking all I do is wave a pom pom and kick my leg high in the air. This is strictly not what we do! We lift people in the air, we tumble and we dance our hearts out. Did you know that cheerleading is actually an extreme sport and a high percentage of serious sport injuries  come from cheerleading? You learn something new everyday. Anyway, I am a base/flyer/backspot in a Level One Open team. This means that we technically are the baby sport of cheerleading due to the fact we compete at the lowest level. This does not however mean that we are not serious athletes as we are. However, it does mean that we came into the sport late in the game. We are all over 18 and the majority of the squad have children. Some of these fantastic ladies have children that are fully grown and have competed at the highest level of cheerleading entering “Worlds” which is the most prestigious cheerleading competition in the world. My squad have a national competition in four weeks. This has meant that today’s session was intense- we have worked and reworked our stunts, throwing, turning and holding a person in the air while they turn their bodies in the most beautiful of ways. We have practiced our jumps ensuring they are in time and of a high standard (literally working on improving their height). We have practiced and re-practiced our final dance ensuring that it is sassy, looks amazing and that it is a phenomenal ending of our routine. Needless to say I am shattered! Its been a hard training session but so worth it! Bring on the next three training sessions!

Food-wise today I feel like I have done fairly well. For breakfast I had a banana and oat breakfast muffin while I walked to work. It is so good, feels naughty and really fills me up- I would recommend you check them out I used a Body Coach recipe and bulk made them for the week. I somehow managed to resist the temptation to help the children that I teach eat their snack today- not once but twice! Whoop Whoop!! (Its the little achievements in life). For my dinner I had some butternut squash soup, grapes and a banana, can you get much healthier? 28537430_10155029547291557_1187484549_n

For my tea I had a Joe Wick’s special a McLeanie Burger, a naughty white breakfast roll and as much salad as my plate could hold. This was sooo much food and I couldn’t actually finish it. As much as it looks like and felt like a shit load of food according to MyFitnessPal it came to a grand total of 433 calories. Not too bad for a feeling naughty meal.

Tomorrow it is not a cheer day, so essentially it is my Monday- fingers crossed I complete my workout tomorrow like I have planned. To be fair, I am planning on using my tea as pure bribery. No work out, no naughty but nice bagel…… Wish me luck folks!

Day One

Tricking myself I have a huge plate of food- looks full to me 😂

2C1BB43F-450C-4A9D-B7A8-AF93C941093C.jpegI doubt I will be writing on here daily as I don’t get a great deal of free time due to being a teacher therefore juggling school work, cheer and my new fitness regime may make it difficult. I do however, hope to post on here fairly regularly.

I am hoping to tell you what I’m doing, what i’m eating and finger crossed sharing some real life results.

So today I completed the first workout on my workout journey. It was an absolute beginners HIIT session by Joe Wicks which was free on youtube. I did it alongside my fiance as he is also on a fitness journey (or at least he says he is). It was fun to do it next to him as it brought out my competitive side, I was determined to either beat him or jut be as good as he was. I’m not sure whether I achieved this or not, but I did finish the workout, which i’m taking as a win. The plan is to complete the same workout four times this week and then to be able to progress to his beginners HIIT training- watch this space!

Food wise  I don’t think I’ve had the best day not the worst. My Dad and little sister made a corned beef and potato pie yesterday so obviously it would have been a waste and a crying shame to leave however I only had two slices and paired it  with some lettuce, spinach and tomatoes. After my workout I had a delicious oat and banana breakfast muffin with some yoghurt and blueberries its not quite a chocolate bar but it satisfied my hunger. For tea I’m having a chicken salad sandwich along with a side plate of salad- i’m a hungry person so therefore I need to be tricked into thinking i’m having a lot of food.

Let’s hope tomorrow is just as productive and that I eat as good. To be fair, hope has nothing to do with it, determination and meal prepping should get me through. Looking forward to a breakfast muffin, butternut squash soup and a Turkey burger tomorrow…. Wish me luck!

The who, the what and the why

Well, I am writing on here because I was looking through the seemingly never ending photos of my self on the dreaded facebook. This is not a habit of mine I might add. Anyway, while looking through them I noticed that I have gained a shit load of weight (please pardon my french). This is obviously something I have previously noticed but to physically see the dramatic changes for my own eyes and that these changes are also there for the world to see (well all 400+ of my facebook friends) really made me think that I need to change something.

I am hoping that documenting my progress on here will hold me accountable for my own progress and help motivate me to keep going. I get married in around 15 months and have already purchased my dress- a dreaded size 16! I know this might not seem like a large size for some people but I used to be a petite size 8. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore my dress  (a beautiful princess style gown) but I want to feel like I look my best and I know at the moment I do not.

I am a semi active person being a competitive cheerleader  however this has not been effective in helping me keep the weight off but instead a constant reminder that I have gained weight as I look like a hippo when I have forced my way into my cheerleading uniform.I have four weeks until my next cheerleading competition, British Cheering Association Nationals in Telford. Therefore I am hoping to tone up and little and shift some of my weight before then so I can not longer cringe at the photos of me competing on the blue mats. I hope to do this through completing 4 HIIT workouts a week, my weekly cheerleading training and eating better.I imagine it will not be a perfect journey and that there will be bad days but I plan on being honest about that, it is a journey after all and not a race.